Karma is only a bitch if you are!
Purchase my design on Redbubble products (Clothing, home decor, stickers, cases etc.)
Gathering some T-shirt appropriate quotes.
Rough workings of the chosen quote.
Sketching the design to size and marking some changes needed.
Reversing out the rough in Photoshop to see if it reads well.
Tracing the final type on the lightbox.
Tracing the rest of the design.
Starting the inking process.
Inking almost done. A few mistakes will have to patched up in Photoshop!
Scanning the final illustration in.
Reversing out and cleaning up the final illustration.
The final design on a T-shirt!
"Wear Art Thou" Exhibition at the No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne.
An Illustrators Australia and RedBubble collaboration.
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