The first panel shows a shy little girl standing in a shaft of light, ominous shadows thrown down in front of her. I chose a palette of muted teal tones to set a sombre mood.
The second panel has the little girl reaching up high for something "tiny"on the bookshelf, highlighted in a golden glow to draw in the viewers eye. In the background we see a gathering of people talking quietly in the low light. A dog watches on and a cat sleeps through it all, perched on an empty old armchair.
The third panel follows the little girls as she walks past the armchair into the evening light outside - the cat and dog perk up and sense something special in the tiny treasure she is clutching to her chest. Little clues to the story are given in the details like the abandoned ball of wool and framed photo of the old couple on the wall.
The final panel reveals the little girl beaming up into the heavens from the garden. She plays the tiny music box and the familiar tune wraps around her just like the memory of her beloved recently departed grandmother, who in turn wraps her arms around the child. The whole scene is is now bathed in the warm golden light of her love.
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