This illustration is for a story I found in the Australian "Marie Claire" magazine titled "Spy Games". It is about the Russian governments suppression of human rights, some activists professing it to be the biggest clampdown on civil liberties since the fall of communism 20 years ago. The piece is introduced  in the light of the Sochi Winter Olympics and the international uproar over Putins anti-gay laws.
The best part of doing this course was that it was tutored by world renowned illustrator Anita Kunz (cover artist for The New Yorker, Time, Rolling Stone magazine etc). Receiving personal feedback from her was an absolute highlight! Her final critique... "BEAUTIFUL!!! You really did a great job! I love the sensitive line and colors! And I love how you emphasized the 2 girls, but didn't do it now becomes a second read...really really great!"
(Skillshare course: "Editorial Illustration: Communicating an Idea Visually". Anita Kunz. April 2014)
I used an interesting article from "Australian Traveller" magazine for this piece, about the humpback whales that migrate past the east coast of Australia every year - they are very curious creatures and will swim up to boats and their spectators to check out the action.  
(Skillshare course: "Creating Full Color Digital Illustrations From Your Hand-Made Drawings". Sara Blake. March 2014)
This illustration is for a US article entitled "Why police lie under oath". One of the claims is that there is a financial incentive for them to lie, police departments are rewarded in funding for high numbers of people arrested and convicted. So instead of the policeman swearing on a Bible, I have drawn him swearing on a pile of cash. Hundred dollar bills also form part of the wallpaper/flag in the background.
(Skillshare course: "The Process of Editorial Illustration". Mike McQuade. March 2014)
I wanted to do a short article that only needed a quarter page illustration, so I could try something that wouldn't be constrained within an A4 border. I chose this story In Gourmet Traveller magazine titled "Forzia Italia". It's about an English chef (Fergus Henderson) who loves magnificently simple Italian food and pays hommage to some great Italian chefs. The Skillshare course, that focuses on ink drawing, was run by Yuko Shimizu, a Japanese illustrator based in New York. I have been a long time admirer of her work, so to see her in action and learn from her was a real privilege. I usually use a 2B pencil for my linework that then gets scanned in for colouring, so it was quite an adjustment using the brush and ink - but some new effects were achieved that I feel can be explored more.
(Skillshare course: "Mastering Inking: Basic and Pro Techniques". Yuko Shimizu. May 2014)
This illustration was based on a Frankie magazine article titled "The art of psychogeography". It's about being a tourist in your own city. I felt the colour pallette suited the subject matter - and it took me out of my comfort zone of the colours I normally turn to.
(Skillshare course: "Make better colour decisions: Effective colour in design". David Broderick. November 2014)
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