Fair Lady. My first ever editorial piece! Acrylic on black paper. 
Fair Lady. "Bra" Charcoal pencil and acrylic.
Fair Lady. "The 5 keys to confidence" Watercolour and pencil. 
Fair Lady. "My computer role model" Ink and pen.
Fair Lady. "The done thing" Ink and pencil. 
Fair Lady. "Driven to drink" Collage. 
Fair Lady. "End homework hassles" Pencil crayon and photgraphic shoot. 
Fair Lady. "Meaty matters" Watercolour and charcoal pencil. 
Fair Lady. "Financing your computer" Acrylic and charcoal. 
Fair Lady. "Label it" Ink and pencil. 
Fair Lady. "Pb or not Pb" Acrylic on black paper. 
Fair Lady. "Does your birth date hold a secret?" Collage and acrylic. Full page illustration. 
Fair Lady. Smaller duplicate later in article. 
Fair Lady. "The mother-daughter dance" Acrylic on black paper. 
Fair Lady. "Thanks for the memory" Collage. 
Fair Lady. "UNenlightened" Watercolour and pencil. Full page illustration. 
Woman's Value. Horoscope, 12 illustrations completed for the year. 
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