"Why Police Lie" Process Pics

This illustration is for a US article entitled "Why police lie under oath". One of the claims is that there is a financial incentive for them to lie, police departments are rewarded in funding for high numbers of people arrested and convicted. So instead of the policeman swearing on a Bible, I have drawn him swearing on a pile of cash. Hundred dollar bills also form part of the wallpaper/flag in the background. (Skillshare course: "The Process of Editorial Illustration". Mike McQuade. March 2014)

My rough concepts as thumbnails in my sketchbook.
Roping my hubby in to pose once again for me!
The linework created by freehand with a 2B pencil.
The final illustration completed with colour and texture added in Photoshop.
Opening night of the Illustrators Australia "Pixel to Paper" Exhibition 2017
"Why Police Lie" was part of the exhibition held in Melbourne.
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