IA 9x5 Exhibition 2015

A unique exhibition that brings together professional illustrating members of Illustrators Australia to produce original works on 9X5 inch wood, this follows the concept of the Heidelberg artists’ 1890 Exhibition of paintings on cigar lids. The theme for this, the 19th Annual 9x5 Exhibition, is "Playtime". I decided to produce an artwork that made social commentary on the children of today... the fact that their playtime has been reduced to staring at a screen, which has been made larger than life to portray how it is taking over their childhood. "The New Generation"

"The New Generation"
Sketching concepts.
Working on the design.
Cutting the 9x5 wooden board to shape.
Painting white base coats.
Having added a block of colour with splatter texturing, the little girl is traced onto the image.
Painting the detail.
Finally type was written onto the artwork and outlines added in fine markers.
My artwork hanging in St Heliers Street Gallery, Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Melbourne. 
Opening Night entertainment, 13 November 2015.
Guests awaiting the artwork auction.
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