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AfrikaBurn is an official Burning Man (USA) regional event, held annually in the Tankwa Karoo Desert in South Africa. It is centred on the construction of temporary artworks that later get burnt in celebration. I will be attending this year and since it is tradition to "gift" something when there and I thought it would be really cool to hand out customised stickers. I created this logo design and kept it simply black and white so it would be cheap to print. The theme this year is "X" denoting the ten years the festival has been running. I therefore wanted to incorporate a cross X of some sort in the main design. I first illustrated traditional African spears to symbolise the X and then with some further brainstorming came up with the matches creating the X... this felt more contemporary and was more in line with the "burn" idea of the festival.

My final design. "AfrikaBurn 2016"  Copyright of Lara Porter
"AfrikaBurn 2015" Photo credit: Steven Morrow
My sketchbook: I played around with various icons I felt captured the African spirit - in the end choosing the wildebeest skull, one of the "Big Five" African animals, as well as the ever present African sun.
The little banner at the bottom is a cheeky reference to "Made in the USA" where the original Burning Man takes place. The stars along the sides add up to ten (the theme) and balance the logo type feel of the design as well as remind us of the open African night sky. The year 2016 is placed centrally but seperated equally so as to make it more of a design element that a year date.
Final design with texture still to be added to give the logo vintage character.
My order of 1000 stickers arrive. Hopefully the Burners I gift these to, will be as happy with them as I am!
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